Aston Martin




Uncompromised beauty

Redesigning Canon Europe from the bottom up


Role / Creative Director

Project Type / Brand Destination

Year / 2017

We were asked to design a new global website that did justice to the Aston Martin brand, the next generation of ultra-luxury online.

Our solution was a cinematic luxury brand destination that that merges beautiful design, engaging brand storytelling and modern utility.

The website bring to life the history, the invention, the craft and sheer attention to detail that goes into making the cars.


Concept /

Every Aston Martin comes with a unique identity and the model pages expand on each cars individual flavour. Telling those stories through copy, colours, animation, video, texture and sound allowed us to differentiate the different models.


Taking a cinematic approach we divided everything about the brand into three chapters: Beauty, Craft and Art.

Both the Aston Martin cars and the brand story are extraordinary and the new website allow these to merge together into a unique digital experience.


Credits / 

Jesper Whinter / Design
Ben Bashford / UX

Contact /

13 Artisan Court
6 Lansdowne Drive
E8 3EB

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