Making every journey better

Redesigning Canon Europe from the bottom up


Role / Design Director

Project Type / Design System

Year / 2016

Our brief was to help Specsavers improve their products and services and creating digital design standards that would ultimately make every customer journey better.

We created the Specsavers Digital Design Standards which now underpin everything they do as a user experience and design team. They inform the way that Specsavers digital services look, the way they behave and the way they operate as a team across 8 markets.

The Design Standards are constantly growing and evolving and provide clear, consistent design, user-experience and brand clarity for those developing digital services for Specsavers.


They provide detail about grids, colors, typography, buttons, forms as well as access to reusable code elements and components which allow anyone to create prototypes quickly at any time.


User Experience /

As the Global UX & Design partner for Specsavers we also redefined the user experience and design across key global markets using a mobile first agile alfa, beta, live approach.

The newly developed Digital Design Standards was the the foundation as we redesigned the key journeys iteratively across multiple websites with different needs.

User testing and rapid prototyping was core to the process as well as language and capability control.


We also helped them introducing new and improved digital services and developing the next generation of Specsavers Digital Services across their group including the in-store Virtual Try-on app.


Credits / 

Javier Aguirre / Design
Diogo Carvalho / Design

Contact /

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